Expert Speaker

A 2.5 days workshop designed and delivered by strategic growth and marketing expert Ilesh Khakhkhar.


Two-Way Learning

Two-way learning with participation, brainstorming, exercises & competitions.


Powerful Content

Intensive sessions with live demonstration, takeaways and ideas to keep you ahead in your practice.


Check-lists and Cheat-sheets

Take away session highlights in the form of check-lists and cheat-sheets that can help you even after the workshop.


Are you ready to grow your Self

Dermapreneur 2022 will give you the tools and strategies to grow the three crucial aspects of your dermatology practice.

MAKE 2023 THE YEAR YOU FINALLY Scale Your Practice That Gives You Wealth, Recognition And Freedom You Deserve

Dermapreneur 2022 is for you if you are a dermatologist and…

You can’t figure out how to grow your practice exponentially

You know something isn’t working in your practice

You are looking for an organizational structure that will allow your team to thrive

You are looking to have a lasting impact inside and outside your practice

You are unclear about who are your ideal patients

Dermapreneur Is Created Exclusively for Dermatologists Like You

It will supercharge you and your practice in every aspect. This is the workshop where your goals transform into action. It’s where you get great ideas and gain clarity on the next steps that will help you create the practice, life, and wealth you deserve!

It is THE workshop where dermatologists learn how to lead, leave a lasting legacy, and achieve extraordinary growth. We provide you with ideas, action steps, and a blueprint to success, you just have to be open to receive it.

It is our guarantee that you will leave ready to face any challenges your practice may face today…and in the future.


Learn the skills to grow yourself: Leadership, Negotiation, Delegation, Communication skills, Developing relationships, Interpersonal skills,
and much more…


Learn the art of growing your team: Learn to deploy effective onboarding and employee-retention processes, improve their engagement in the clinic, grow their talent,
and much more…


Learn the art of growing your practice: Learn the various diversified concepts to grow your practice and ensure improved patient experience, attract new patients, engage them, and stand out from the competition
and much more…

Plus Build New Strategic Relationships & Grow Your Network

Connect with dermatologists across the country just like you… hungry for ideas, advice, proven strategies and connection to grow the practice.


Ilesh Khakhkhar

Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Practice Management Expert

Ilesh Khakhkhar is a serial entrepreneur & dermatology marketing trainer who has revolutionized the dermatology industry by helping 1000s of dermatologists to increase their bottom lines.

He is a John Maxwell Team Certified coach, speaker, and trainer.

Coaching is his passion and owing to which, he has designed and delivered several Practice Booster Workshops for reputed associations like CDSI’s COSDERMINDIA 2019, 2020, and 2021 conferences.

Dermapreneur is his brain child of Ilesh Khakhkhar to help dermatologists in all their endeavours. With the vision to help dermatologists scale up their practice, he conducted the flagship in-person workshop in the year 2020 and since then year after year it is being conducted bigger and better each year.

Both of his workshops - the residential workshop of Dermapreneur 2020, and the intensive 13-week virtual workshop in 2021 received overwhelming responses.

This year too, his 3rd consecutive workshop exclusively for dermatologists is back with a bang.

Dermapreneur 2022 Speakers

“Great Ideas Come from Outside The Industry”

That is the reason why Dermapreneur 2022 will feature speakers from multiple different industries. They will show you what’s working best in their industries and how you can replicate the same into your practice.

Ilesh Khakhkhar

Keynote Speaker

Other Speakers

Revealing Soon


The strategies, ideas, and experience that dermatologists receive in the Dermapreneur workshops are unmatchable. You will never want to leave the workshop once you join it.

It is our promise to give you 3x return on your investments, not just in terms of money but also in terms of the precious time that you will invest in these 2.5 days while attending the workshop.

You can also bring your companion with you.

Dermapreneur 2022 is focused to elevate you, empower you, and see you grow. As a practitioner, we know how busy your patient-centric work schedule is and hence, you can attend this workshop with someone vital who is looking after clinic management, marketing, and the miscellaneous but super important affairs

  • You can register your growth-partner along with you.
  • Your growth-partner can be your spouse, assistant, manager or an important team-member.


Dermapreneur is not a money-making endeavour. In fact, it is being conducted with a vision to empower dermatologists.

Now you may think that you are still investing hugely in terms of time and money. Then let me guarantee you that you will get 3x the value of whatever you have invested. If you aren't satisfied at the end of the 2.5 days, then consider your investment is on me.


Registration closes on September 25, 2022

Dermatologist + 1 COMPLIMENTARY Accompanying Person

Double occupancy room

Rs. 98,000/-

(including GST)

  • Main sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Activities to help you move from theory to practice
  • Exercises to help you generate ideas
  • Workbooks to turn your ideas into action
  • Opportunities to connect with some of the most renowned dermatologists of the country
  • Lifelong memories
  • 2-Nights stay at the 5-star venue
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Daily snacks
  • Other goodies

Dermatologist + 1 COMPLIMENTARY Accompanying Person

Both single occupancy room

Rs. 1,21,000/-

(including GST)

  • Main sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Activities to help you move from theory to practice
  • Exercises to help you generate ideas
  • Workbooks to turn your ideas into action
  • Opportunities to connect with some of the most renowned dermatologists of the country
  • Lifelong memories
  • 2-Nights stay at the 5-star venue
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Daily snacks
  • Other goodies

1 Extra Accompanying Person

Extra single occupancy room

Rs. 25,000/- per person

(including GST)

2 Extra Accompanying Persons

Double occupancy room

Rs. 35,000/-

(including GST)

2.5 days that will change your practice forever…

What Your Dermapreneur 2022 Experience Will look Like

What To Expect When You Attend

Practical, Tactical Content

There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of our content. Get training that you can implement on day 1!

Unlock our exclusive formula to scale your practice faster and smarter.

Time To Work ON Your Practice

Unlike most conferences, at Dermapreneur you will have dedicated time to take action and work ON your practice. You’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded individuals to implement what you’re learning and get valuable feedback you just can’t get during the normal day-to-day life.

Community Building

Network with like-minded Dermapreneurs to create powerful connections and become part of a thriving community that will continue to enhance your growth.

You will leave Dermapreneur having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships with people just like you.

Glimpse of Dermapreneur

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Gift City Club, a member of Radisson Individuals

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, Gandhinagar - 382355
Gujarat, India.

The Future In Cosmetology Practice Only Belongs To Those Who Learn And Apply Faster Than Anyone Else

Registration open for limited seats only


General FAQ's

Everything good in life comes with a price. You can never gain something if you don’t sacrifice something of equal value. That’s why to attend this workshop, you have to invest in terms of money as well as time. But, as promised, you will get 3x return on your investment. It’s our promise you will not leave the workshop dissatisfied.
Dermapreneur is an immersive, one-of-its-kind practice management workshop in India. You will never get an experience like this workshop in any other derma conference. Plus, your ticket includes everything from your 2 days’ occupancy in a 5-star hotel to food and amenities. You also get additional workbooks, resources and handouts during the workshop which would be invaluable.
A successful practice is built on a solid foundation, be it small, medium or big. Dermapreneur is conceptualized to include concepts that are applicable in any dermatology practice, irrelevant to the size of your practice. And the learning and ideas shared during the workshop will definitely help you to expand your practice further.
It takes a lot of skills to manage a large practice. Dermapreneur will help you stay ahead in the game while also teaching you the ways to overcome roadblocks that you might be facing in handling your practice. And the learning and ideas shared during the workshop will definitely help you to grow exponentially.
Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar has a wide experience in the field and is very much aware of the ins and outs of derma practice. His ideas and learnings are most relevant to the field that you can apply directly to your practice. Since the last Dermapreneur workshop, he has been consistently upgrading his knowledge by reading 27+ books along with jotting down of notes from a derma-practice perspective. He has consumed 127 hours of video content and attended two powerful workshops. Since then, he has also conducted 138 Zoom meetings to guide pre-eminent dermatologists and 1000s of strategies & ideas are also given to 100s of derma practitioners to improve their various aspects of practice. And now he is going to share and translate the abstract of all the learning in Dermapreneur 2022.
More FAQs

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