Expert Speaker

13-week workshop designed and delivered by strategic growth and marketing expert Ilesh Khakhkhar.


Two-Way Learning

Two-way learning with virtual participation, brainstorming, exercises & competitions.


Powerful Content

13 intensive sessions with live demonstration, takeaways and ideas to keep you ahead in your practice./p> 03

Check-lists and Cheat-sheets

Take away session highlights in the form of check-lists and cheat-sheets that can help you even after the workshop.



Weeks of Intensive Learning


Hours Learning Sessions Every Week

3x higher return on investment


Virtual Workshop with one-of-its kind experience

An Experience
Like None Other!

DERMAPRENEUR 2021 is the first ever VIRTUAL WORKSHOP with 13-weeks of intensive learning on practice management crafted for Dermatologists. It’s the one-of-its-kind virtual exeprience where different entrepreneurial concepts and management aspects of practice are discussed, demonstrated and taught with dermatologists’ perspective that can be applied directly in your practice to grow and uplift it to the next level.


Learn the skills to grow yourself at Virtual Dermapreneur 2021: Leadership, Negotiation, Time-management, Delegation, Communication skills, Developing relationships, Interpersonal skills,
and much more…


Learn the art of growing your team at Virtual Dermapreneur 2021: Learn to deploy effective recruitment and employee-retention processes, improve their engagement in the clinic, grow their talent,
and much more…


Learn the art of growing your practice at Virtual Dermapreneur 2021: Learn the various diversified concepts to grow your practice and ensure improved patient experience, attract new patients, engagethem, and stand out from the competition
and much more…

Get Ready To Experience
Never-Before Transformational Journey

Registration open for limited seats only


You can also bring your companion with you.

Virtual Dermapreneur 2021 is entriely focused to elevate you, empower you, and see you grow. As a practitioner, we know how busy your patient-centric work schedule is and hence, you can attend this workshop with someone vital who is looking after clinic management, marketing, and the miscellaneous but super important affairs.

  • You can register your growth-partner along with you.
  • Your growth-partner can be your spouse, assistant, manager or an important team-member.

Dermapreneur 2021 Speakers

“Breakthrough ideas almost always come from outside the industry.”

The DERMAPRENEUR features four best leaders from different industries. They will take you to the journey of other industries and will show you the ways that what’s working best in other industries and how you can replicate those ideas and strategies into your practice.

Covering the In-Depth & Practical Topics on

Developing entrepreneurial skills

Hiring training and retaining high performing team members

Creating amazing patient experience

Making your patients stay with you for lifetime

Utilizing undervalued opportunities and relationships for your practice

Developing your brand image

Beyond exponential growth for your practice

Leveraging different drivers of growth

Leveraging the power of referrals

Crafting a vision for your practice step-by-step

Learning the best practices from other related industries

Getting the best out of your Social Media Efforts


It’s not a money-making endeavour. It’s a purely knowledge sharing and empowering workshop. And I am so confident about the concept, ideas, and the content that would be delivered in this workshop, that you will never want to leave it.

It is my promise to you that you will get 3x the value of what you have invested - not only in terms of money but also in terms of the precious time that you have invested for this 13-week long workshop.

Schedule of the Virtual Dermapreneur 2021

28th Jan 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
4th February 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
11th February 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
18th February 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
25th February 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
4th March 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
11th March 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
18th March 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
25th March 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
1st April 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
8th April 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
15th April 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
22nd April 2021 9.00PM-11.00PM
Registration open for limited seats only



Rs. 65,000/-

Regular Registration for Dermatologists

  • 13 weeks full access
  • 2 Hours session every week
  • Exclusive Inputs in soft copy
  • Giveaways
  • Access to Dermapreneur private Facebook Group
  • Bonuses

1 Additional access for your team-member

Rs. 15,000/-

Only for those team-members whose doctors are attending this.

  • 13 weeks full access
  • 2 Hours session every week
  • Exclusive Inputs in soft copy
  • Giveaways
  • Bonuses

Glimpse of Dermapreneur

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What Our Attendies Say

The Future In Cosmetology Practice Only Belongs To Those Who Learn And Apply Faster Than Anyone Else

Registration open for limited seats only


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